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My blog... a new label for something people have been doing for ages. A journal of activies and updates to the sites.


Various ideas, primarily having to do with the pocket Moleskine and how to manage information and physical items in it.


Various utilities I've written and packages for kubunutu. Flotsam until I get the core utilities finalized and release them.


A synthetic language that I created - the language of the Wose, the tree people of Wesnoth.

Citrus Horn  Fandom 

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Well, I have a bunch, but only a few have icons... here are some of them:

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Evan and Sarah are in Pennsylvania, having moved from California in early 2005. They spend the days in odd pursuits plus Sarah's goal of obtaining a PhD in Chemistry and Evan building his company.

Sarah enjoys chemistry, corsets and yellow labs, and Evan enjoys writing, building objects of wood and coding.

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