Cheshire Hall
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My Journal

While I enjoy the net and like creating content for it, the bulk of my writing goes into a pocket sized journal called a Moleskine. I generally use Uniball Signo Gelstik, although for fine lines I use a Pilot G2. The Gelstiks are cheap enough so that I don't have to worry about losing them and can have a big handful every where I work, in my bag, by each chair, etc. G2s can get expensive when you look at getting dozens.

I generally color in my sketches with a Koh-I-Noor watercolor wheel. It is a set of stacking discs that screw into each other and form a tightly packed set of colors. The occasional gouache or acrylic also make it into the pages, plus I glue in random objects - tickets, labels, etc.

Many people have waxed poetic about their Moleskines, so I'll point out that it is something that I can leaf through and review my life. It provides a vantage point on your thoughts and movements that is difficult to achieve otherwise. The journal is paper, but the ink, watercolor and items inside are a record of my life. Journals are cheap; they are merely containers. Even the contents are unimportant. What they reference, however, is your time and how you have spent it. And that is a valuable currency indeed.